Protecting Your Investment

Katron Creative has strong policies to ensure the protection of our business and your property in the event of extraordinary circumstances.

Our clients' place their trust in Katron Creative not only to produce great design, artwork and campaigns in a timely manner, but also to protect their investment together with any supplied images and stock during and after project completion. We aim to meet their highest expectations.

Daily Electronic Data Back-up

Back-up of all client projects in progress occurs daily to off-site premises. Recognising the high value to our clients current and completed projects, all are duplicated to DVD or CD with one copy stored in-house for quick reference and update and a duplicate stored off-site for protection in event of a catastrophic event at our primary office location.

Computer Network Protection

Katron Creative has an ongoing service agreement with a specialist external IT Management firm MacClinic to ensure all leading edge computing equipment is well maintained. Primary computing tools are replaced on an average 2-3 year cycle to ensure we maintain full compatibility with industry standards and can offer our clients quality marketing solutions using the latest techniques.

Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS), Power Surge Protectors and Earth Leakage Detection switches are installed to maintain constant computing and equipment services, plus to protect employee safety.


Katron Creative pays high attention to maintaining an extensive range of Business Protection and Risk insurance to reduce any disruption to business practices, with policies ranging from:

  • Building
  • Contents
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Business Interruption (to minimise downtime due to uncontrolled and catastrophic damage circumstances)
  • Public Liability and Professional Indemnity (to protect clients, visitors and employees alike - held at levels to meet requirements administered by our South Australian Government preferred supplier contracts.

All insurance components are reviewed annually through Bayside Brokers to ensure our insurance policies remain current and fully protect our business, employees and clients.

Occupational Health Welfare and Safety

Katron Creative is determined to maintain our excellent record for occupational health, welfare and safety. There has never been a claim submitted to the SA Government's compulsory insurance provider Return to WorkSA by our company.


Katron Creative ensures its fully monitored security surveillance and alarm systems are maintained and monitored by Clarke Security Services. These additional measures are taken to ensure employee safety and protect our business infrastructure, including any collaterals we are holding for your business.

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