Brainstorming Sessions

Often, Katron has been approached to ask advice on how to proceed with a marketing strategy:-

For their business overall

For a specific project

• For the launch of a product or service

• For the success of an event 

Katron Creative offers a fun and inspirational round table brainstorming session, specifically designed to delve into the myriad of opportunities that exist to structure a promotional campaign / strategy to bring their need to life.

They can be held at Your Place, at Katron - or a completely neutral location of your choice.

Sessions can last as long as an hour; a half day - or maybe even a full day, depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Some sessions are repeated to move into a phase of creative assessment of results as projects progress.

Brainstorming Sessions bring into play all the ideas and thoughts already floating around in your business amongst your own team, but then stretch far further with our experience of marketing opportunities to fine tune those ideas, challenge concepts and bring new options to the table.

We can explore with you and your team:
Marketing plans • Image development Advertising mediums Event strategies Timelines Staff and Contractor involvement Assessment and tracking options • Technologies to automate functions Web and Offline promotional choices Budgetting + more

Katron offers you a Fresh Set of Eyes!

At the completion, an option exists for the Katron Creative team to prepare a full project report. Sometimes these are very useful if Bank investment is required to get a business or project running. Or just to reflect back on the myriad of creative opportunities documented on the day.

Beyond the Brainstorming Session(s) - there is no obligation for you to proceed any further with Katron, however, often they do lead to quotes being generated to achieve specific goals identified in the session.

Flexibility - our purpose is to offer you a Creative Insight into possibilities and then leave you and your team to consider your preferred path to move forward. Obviously, we love it when our clients progress with our team at Katron as part of the team. But that is not at all mandatory and sometimes just not necessary.

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Phone us today on 08 8231 0636 to give us a bit more detail about your needs and receive a quote for a Round-Table Brainstorming Session tailored to your needs.

So often, we hear comments similar to "That was a very small investment to pay to get complete clarity for the future!"

We hope we can Creatively help you as well. 

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