Website Health Check

Well functioning websites can account for a high proportion of a business' customer attraction and cash turnover / profit.

Katron's team offer a Website Health Check service, where we can offer suggestions on ways to improve your website

  • visual appearance;
  • call-to-action messaging;
  • customer engagement;
  • search engine ranking;
  • general operation

No Obligation - but plenty of choices ...

There are instances where we are able to guide your existing website developer on ways to improve your site.

Sometimes it is working with you to coach your team members in effective ways to write web copy and prepare graphics to engage your customers.

Plus we offer brainstorming sessions to our customers who simply like to schedule a regular review of their online marketing to ensure everything is still current and keeping customers happy.

If your Website Health Check returns a 'low score' from a Google ranking perspective, we also offer quotes and plans for rebuilding websites to Google's new 'responsive' technology requirements.

Coupled with our easy to use Content Management System, giving you and your team control of updating 95% of your site content, we've made many customers happy over the years.

No Obligation to proceed with any option above, but we'd be delighted to talk them through further with you.

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