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There are so many different mobile devices these days, each with different screen sizes and resolutions: from Mobile Phones to iPads, Tablets and Phablets. Google recognises that its users want the BEST viewing experience regardless of the kind of device they use.

Google and other Search Engines, now run Search Algorithms to offer different sets of search results when ranking websites for people using Mobile Devices, compared to those offered on standard desktop computers or laptops.

They aim to give 'mobile people' access to websites that are technically best suited to the mobile devices they use.

Mobile Responsive Website technology

Modern responsive-design websites auto-format content to fit the specific mobile device each viewer is using to make them easy to read, navigate and interact with.

Mobile Responsive sites ensure that text remains large and easy to read. Photos scale to fit the screen perfectly. Links are easy to click. Forms easy to fill in and submit.

Most web audiences are now heavy users of Mobile Devices, making it vital that your website is up to the Mobile Responsive challenge.

Katron Creative's website is an example

Call up this website on your own mobile phone. Notice the way that it auto-formats each page to view in an easy to read single column. Quite different to how it formats on a laptop or desktop computer workstation.

Turn your phone around from a Portrait (vertical) view, to a Landscape (horizontal) view. See how the website reformats automatically to fit the new shape.

That is Mobile Responsive Design at work.

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