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Success for any good marketing project or campaign starts with carefully brainstorming, scoping and planning a project.

Regardless of its size.

We work with you to discuss your precise needs ... the end result desired. This allows our team to prepare ideas and a detailed quote for you to consider.

Our quotes offer three very important elements:-

Detailed specifications

Katron quotes enable you to understand concisely the scope of the project.

Before you approve a project to proceed, you can see clearly what you are authorising Katron's team to deliver.

No unwanted surprises.


Many detailed projects can offer multiple options for you to choose from.

For example, if a project requires printing, we can easily supply multiple quantity comparisons to enable you to take control of choosing a volume that best suits your needs at a price within your budget.

Other options offered might include things like photography; talent; illustration; signage etc.

Quite often, Katron Creative clients appreciate our team handling their entire project from start to finish. But there are times you may have an existing relationship with a 'printer' (for example). That's OK. Katron can handle the design and artwork preparation to meet your preferred printers' precise specifications.


It is common for our clients to have a budget to work within. So our quotes enable you to ensure our work fits well within your budget and allows you to fine tune elements to suit.

Some projects might roll out in stages, so we often present detailed quotations showing stages. This offers you control of the roll-out of your project, with a timeline appropriate to your needs and at a pace that matches your cash flow budget.

Logical marketing planning.

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