Google ADWords - pay per click promotion

A powerful way to bring your business to the top of the Google Search Engine results, however, many businesses have wasted many thousands of dollars by not correctly targeting their customers / goals.

It's an easy trap for anyone to fall into by bidding for keyword phrases they thing will land paying customers, only to find too much of their spend is allocated to people doing basic research, or school kids doing assignments or competitors trying to burn up your budget.

There are a number of techniques to minimise waste spend (eg. Negative Keywords) and also target specific customers looking for the specific services or products you are trying to sell.


To kick off a campaign, or take over an existing campaign, we first need to do some research into your business, your industry, your customers AND most importantly, we have access to Google systems to see what the world is actually typing into Google to try and narrow down:-

  • the right phrases to bid for
  • identify phrases with a lower click cost
  • identify phrases with higher conversion rates

Our process is to start with a Mini-Audit, which also takes an initial look at your competitors, what they're bidding for and at what pricing.

The whole idea is to set affordable budgets for you, targeted at the key needs that will return the most cash flow and profit.

As successes grow, it is then easy to add another product / service group and expand the campaign, in a managed, responsible and sustainable manner.

All of this gives our customers confidence that their AD Words / Pay-per-Click campaigns aren't a Scatter Gun approach provided by so many. We work with you on a monthly basis to get results.

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