Annual Reports

Annual Reports can be as much a strong marketing tool as a statutory reporting document.

Eyecatching design helps you portray a professional and successful image. If you're looking to engage new customers, investors or secure grant funding, having a quality annual report is an important confirmation tool to tell your story.

We work with you to plan a report that will inspire your reader. Our process commences with a creative briefing session to fully understand your stakeholders, and plan a report with you that will inspire them to delve in.

Much attention is paid to the Copywriting, Photographic and Illustrative elements of an annual report. We know people are first attracted to the graphic elements, so planning punchy photos to support the editorial is critical.

With 30+ years of experience desiging Annual Reports, Katron Creative is well positioned to guide you to a great publication this year!

You don't have to Print!

There are many economical options for preparing reports these days. Many Katron clients now choose not to print large quantities of their reports in the traditional manner, opting instead to offer recipients the option of receiving their reports in digital formats such as PDF format.

Digital Printing is often an outstandingly economical alternative to produce the smaller number printed copies that are required.

Katron Creative has been producing quality annual reports for more than 30 years and our team is well aware of the need for high level accuracy. Detailed and regular proof reading ensures critical information and financial reports are spot-on.

All clients receive full proofs for checking and final authorisation sign-off before their annual reports are printed or published.

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