Business Cards

First impressions are critical. The next time you meet someone, ensure they are impressed with their first view of your business.

Katron's design team can work with you to ensure the design of your cards stand out in the crowd.

We can explain a great range of options from single to double sided - laminated or not - square or round corners, or cut to eye catching shapes using interesting paper stocks.

Modern Digital printing technologies even make it highly economical now to print a small volume of a single kind of card quickly.

Consider clever marketing techniques .. Loyalty cards; VIP Club cards; Appointment cards .. lots of different ideas to engage your customers.

Small or Large Numbers

Digital Printing

Cards can be printed in quantities of 250 VERY economically. Turn around time is fast. Individual cards can be printed without the need to get a group of cards together. The quality is equal to traditional offset printing from a printing press.

Most offer double siding automatically, allowing you to be creative with going a bit beyond just sharing your contact details. Perhaps get a little creative on the reverse side with a clever marketing pitch!

Printing paper stock is usually a standard 350gsm Stiff Bright White card, with the option to either Matt or Gloss Laminate the faces. Unfortunately there's not as much flexibility to choose funky papers using this printing method.

Traditional Printing

If you have multiple cards to print for a group of people, often it is more economical to print them all simultaneously on a traditionall offset printing press.

A big advantage of this method is also being able to choose virtually and paper stock to present a very unique image to your customer.

Cutting your cards to interesting shapes is also a great option for traditional printing.

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