Point of Sale Standee

An intriguing way to capture customers' attention at point of sale is to use these life size standee's.

Katron's design team can create designs and laser cut them to any shape. You often see them in Movie Theatres!

High strength core-flute sheets 2.4m x 1.2m, offer much flexibility for creating large graphics cut from this size. A variety of other substrates are also available, including cardboards and foam core boards.

Inks are water resistant and UV proof making them highly robust and hard wearing.

A clever interlocking cardboard frame folds out from the back of the Standee to enable it to free stand whereever you need. They're light weight and easy to move around as needed.

Digitally printed and laser cut technology makes it highly flexible to print small volume runs. Infact, only single prints if that's all you need.

These SANTA Standees were used in a Christmas in the City of Adelaide promotion. 45 were printed, each artwork being individualised with its own unique competition codeword.

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