Economical Labels & Stickers

Advances in digital printing technology have opened new economies of scale for the printing of labels and stickers - particularly low volume.

It is now possible to print labels in small quantities on rolls or sheets, laser cut to any shape at an economical price

Whether you need one, a couple of hundred or several thousand labels and stickers they can be printed fast, and you will be amazed by the fine print quality.

  • Choose from a wide range of substrates / papers
  • Full colour
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Scuff proof varnish option
  • ANY shape

EXAMPLE - what if you were selling honey and needed a product label cut to the shape of honeycombe? No problem. Our digital technologies laser cut the labels at time of printing (not in a separate process), meaning NO CUTTING DIES are required - that means an immediate cost saving on the set up and much less time to turn around the print run.

Open your thinking to new possibilities!

Previously, the set-up fees for traditional label printing including the cost of the die meant you needed to print thousands to gain any form of economy of scale.

Not Any More.

Product Launches and Tests
Why not run off a small quantity of labels to take to maket to test consumer reaction. You Can! Let us help you launch your product and help you to grow. Hopefully we'll soon be assisting you with thousands of labels as you grow!

Maybe your Club / Association want to label a fundraising product (eg bottle of wine) with your own custom label but only need a small quantity. No problem. Fast turnaround coupled with digital printing pricing now means your fundraising project can become a reality!

Hobby Farms
Perhaps your passion is for a lovely product you've produced on your own family farm. Now you don't have to skimp on design quality for your label, and you don't have to buy thousands to make the unit price economical. Get your new product to market fast and test the market. Digital label printing makes it totally feasible for you.

Butchers, Bakers & Candle Stick makers
You might have always wanted to create your own custom labels for your meat, loaves of bread or scented candles! Mr Butcher - perhaps you know over the next 6 months, you'll sell 600 of your secret recipe Corned Beef. We can help you label them economically. Build your own brand. Easy to get your ingredients list on your products to meet national standards. Our digital label system is great for just this.

Personalised Business Stickers
Maybe your business needs some stickers to seal bags; Or you run a florist shop and want to economically brand your arrangement; Or a Real Estate Agent or Car Sales Dealership giving a gift to your customer as a thank you. In the past, many businesses thought you had to buy 10,000 stickers to make it economically viable. Not now! 50?  100?  1,000?  You tell us and we'll help you creatively engage your customers!

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