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We suggest 5EBI become a BUSINESS ELITE member of My Booking Manager.

Membership Joining Fee

Membership of My Booking Manager is for life. There is a once only membership joining fee of $275 + GST with no ongoing set Monthly or Annual fees applicable. Therefore if there is a period of inactivity in terms of bookings, orders or donations the system will cost 5EBI nothing.

My Booking Manager will invoice 5EBI monthly for any accrued booking fees.

Per Booking Fee Structure

For community organisations such as 5EBI, My Booking Manager offers a flexible low cost option as a way to best support your organisation.

For each person booking into an event or making a transaction, a per booking fee applies:-

50 cent minimum per booking + 2% of the Ticket Price**

... up to a maximum booking fee of $2.95 + GST

EXAMPLE: If 5EBI were to sell $20 tickets for an event, the booking fee would be:-
50¢ plus 40¢ = 90¢

This one low fee covers all the features My Booking Manager offers including:-

• Automated Confirmation of bookings/sales/donations by email  (no need to Post Tickets - save postage)

• Automated Receipting  (no need to Post Receipt - save postage)

Automatic Reminders to Attendees  (ensure they remember to turn up at the event - save staff time)

• After Event Survey  (an OPTION for gatheing feedback from attendees)

Each time 5EBI sets up a new form you will have the option to add the booking fee into the published cost structure so that the purchasers cover it OR you may choose to absorb it.

** Commercial business rates are a $2.95 + GST flat rate per booking.

Full Training

Included for full Business Elite Members.

My Booking Manager recognises the best way to help new customers to fully understand all the clever options and uses open to them is to take the time to train them individually. This would be handled at 5EBI's premises and usually involves setting up your first booking form. It is a practical way to learn with the outcome being the activation of your first LIVE booking form.

You get an 'Erika'

Telephone Support Available to full Business Elite Members.

My Booking Manager is unique in offering on the spot telephone support for any times you get stuck.

Certainly, MBM offers online 'troubleshooting' choices, but so often, customers have simple questions that can be answered in under a minute with a simple LOCAL telephone call to your Erika (08) 8370 3737 or Katron Creative's office on (08) 8231 0636.

This service gets much praise from MBM's customers Australia wide.

Merchant Facilities

PayPal offers a free account set-up and immediately links to My Booking Manager. They accept payments from your Customers on your behalf by VISA, Mastercard or AMEX. Your customers do not need to be PayPal members themselves. PayPal Merchante Fees are around 30¢ per transaction and 2.4% of transaction value.

Westpac is another option using a direct link through SECUREPAY to your bank account. Transaction fees would depend on your bank.

Both options ensure that monies are transfer directly to your bank account. At no time does MY BOOKING MANAGER hold any of your money.

N.B MBM has no control over external fees charged by Banking Merchants.


Opening a new Business Elite membership takes less than 5 minutes.

We suggest allowing 1.5 hours for Training on a day of your choice.

Linking your membership to an existing PayPal Merchant account is immediate. However, opening a new PayPal Business Account takes about a week.

If linking directly to your Westpac Bank Account, it is wise to allow up to two weeks.

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